About us



Prevention on Purpose is a unique venue focused on educating communities on the importance of proactive prevention versus reactive intervention. They are meant to increase awareness with solution-based strategies that affect positive change.

POP has hosted over 10 successful events in the past four years. POP events feature world leading and local experts, doctors, scientists, advocates, filmmakers, lawmakers, etc. who provide inspiring information, and share new ideas and perspectives to encourage local action for positive world change. We seek to create a safer, healthier, happier future for our children, hence, POP’s events feature the following theme: “Healthy Families, Healthy Future”

Our past events have developed a loyal following and our successful evolution has intrigued a growing audience. POP consistently provides essential and timely information in an entertaining fashion, leaving our audiences wanting more! Depending on the venue, POP events attract from 200 to over 600 attendees. Each event typically hosts 20 to 30 event related vendors/exhibitors as well.

Clearly POP is striking a cord with Americans who are hungry for these types of venues!




Founder, Coach Chris Cucchiara

Coach Chris has been a dedicated entrepreneur since he was 8 years-old. He has been coaching individuals and businesses for thirty-eight years in the areas of business and human development, leadership, and lifestyle management.

His coaching philosophies were sculpted through his own “real-life” experiences as an eight-year national title holder in competitive body building and being a successful serial entrepreneur for thirty-eight years. Through his coaching and mentoring Chris has enjoyed seeing thousands of people reach entirely new levels of personal and financial breakthrough; clarity of purpose, self-assurance, and optimal health.

With an insatiable passion, relentless drive, and determination to make a difference, Coach Chris is the Visionary Founder behind Regenesis 360: a state of the art ​ Regenerative Health/Personalized Wellness Center that inspires​ their clients to realize their health and life goals.


Co-Founder, Jeff Forrest

As the Founder of the Core Financial Group, Jeff’s focus is on helping clients build solid financial cores with guaranteed lifetime income streams.

By proactively using over 30 years of “front line experience” and by drawing from his nine advanced degrees/designations he is able to tailor make financial strategies that are relevant, meaningful and sustainable.

The key goal Jeff has for every client is to help reduce their stress in life…..make it easier for them to make financial decisions….enhance and preserve their wealth at every opportunity so that they will have more time and more money to go play and have fun in life!


A message from our Founder, Coach Chris Cucchiara:

It is an exciting time in our world right now, especially for entrepreneurs. I’m sure you would agree with me, all the luxuries we have come to enjoy were born out of the need to solve a problem or provide better solutions, which have always been driven by an out-of-the-box thinking entrepreneur.

Big corporations are not going to solve the world’s problems; it’s going to take entrepreneurial servant leadership to lock arms and collaborate with local businesses owners and community leaders to truly affect the change needed to raise-up and preserve future generations.