John Malanca

John Malanca

The host of The Sacred Plant Docuseries

Founder – United Patients Group

John founded United Patients Group in 2011. Mr. Malanca’s background consists of 18 + years of Sales, Advertising, Marketing and Branding. Through a family hardship in 2011, John single-handedly launched, an Alternative Medicine website to help families and their loved ones struggling with chronic and terminal illnesses. During this time, John also took on the role of Business Advisor and sits on the board of the Cash Hyde Foundation helping to Fight Cancer with Smiles in the name of Cash “Cashy” Michael Hyde. To date, John continues to enjoy a healthy lifestyle of mind, body and spirit. His passion for giving back will continue with United Patients Group and the Cash Hyde Foundation.

John also is the host of a powerful Global documentary series called The Sacred Plant, and it documents the extraordinary truth of how a single medicinal plant can help prevent and treat a vast array of diseases and conditions, including cancer, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease and over 20 other devastating health conditions.

It’s a 7-part series, and as the host we travel globally interviewing medical experts and patients about this miraculous plant, so don’t miss this.